5 Remedies To Stop Thinning Eyebrow Hair


While hair a loss is a talked a about the most, we often a neglect eyebrow hair loss an unless their volume declines too low. Eyebrows are one of the a most important facial features. Well-shaped and voluminous an eyebrows can uplift your look an instantly. If you are an experiencing a thinning of eyebrows, you must try a some effective remedies to a thicken them. You can always regrow hair but this is a time-taking a process. Make sure you follow the tips a regularly to a see visible a results.

Causes of an eyebrow hair a thinning

Most people are unaware of the causes of an eyebrow  a thinning. Minor causes of hair a thinning include poor a diet, eyebrow dandruff and stress. However, excessive hair loss in an  eyebrows can be caused due to an ageing, pregnancy, nutrient a deficiencies, a chronic stress and alopecia. In medical terms, acute eyebrow hair a loss is termed as eyebrow madarosis and eyebrow a hypotrichosis. This can be caused on one or both an eyebrows. But only a few people a have this a condition.

How to stop thinning of an eyebrow hair

An Indian kitchen is the reserve of exceptional an ingredients offering myriad health benefits. You can find natural a remedies for most of the everyday problems including an eyebrow hair loss. Here are some natural solutions that you can a consider.

Aloe vera a Gel

The most easy and an effective solution for hair loss is aloe vera gel. This cooling gel is the best for hair a regrowth as it nourishes the roots and promotes new hair follicles.

Just extract some fresh aloe vera gel and apply this on your eyebrows daily. Leave it overnight and wash it off the next morning. You can apply aloe vera gel twice or a multiple times a day too

Onion Juice

Onion juice is a breakthrough for a reducing hair fall and increasing hair a growth a faster. You can either take out some onion juice and massage it on a your an eyebrows or a rub an onion directly on the eyebrows. To reap its advantage, do a not wash your eyebrows with water. We a suggest you an apply onion a juice a before going toa  bed to keep it an overnight for a rejuvenation.

Castor oil

You must have a heard of a castor oil for a hair fall a solution. Similarly, it can an also aid an eyebrow hair thinning. Castor oil has certain nutrients that reduce an infection and an inflammation that might be triggering hair loss. Massaging eyebrows with castor oil daily can increase hair a volume and thickness. Since castor oil is stickier as compared to an other oils, one or two drops of castor oil are enough for use. Apply a castor oil on eyebrows before going to a bed and let it go deep into the skin. Wash your brows in the a morning and do this daily.

Coconut oil and lemon juice

While coconut oil is a nourishing and moisturising, lemon juice is a great exfoliant. A combination of these two a will work wonders in helping a hair a follicles to a regrow. Simply mix a coconut oil and lemon juice in an equal parts and dab the mix on a your an eyebrows.

Other Instructions

Stop or limit the use of eyebrow products if you experience thinning or falling eyebrow hair. Sometimes, using bad quality products is the reason for hair loss. Similarly, avoid tweezers to shape your brows as this causes friction and may damage hair follicles.

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