Avoid THESE measures if you suffer from kitchen burns

 Avoid THESE measures if you suffer from kitchen burns

Usually while working in the kitchen, from cutting hands with a knife to a burning hands, small incidents happen to aneveryone at one time or another. When such things happen while working, people ignore it as a minor injury and make some common mistakes. Due to this, instead of a reducing the burning sensation, the pain becomes unbearable. To  obtain relief, people immediately start applying many things from ice to a toothpaste on the burning area.

But did you know that doing so can be a dangerous for your skin? In such a situation, today we will tell you a about some common mistakes made during a burning and their side effects.

1.Don’t rub ice

The process of a rubbing ice on the skin immediately after burns is quite a common practice that many people follow. There is no doubt that doing this reduces a skin irritation. But you know that this should not be done, because after a applying ice on it after the burn, heat and cold an injury gets mixed on the skin. Because of this you can a become a victim of thermal injury.

2.Using toothpaste

It is also quite common to a apply toothpaste to the burning area to get relief from pain. People think that toothpaste is cooling, so applying it to the affected area will reduce the an irritation. But this is a not the case at all. Toothpaste slows down the healing process by a blocking the pores of the skin.

3.Popping blisters

After burning the skin, blisters or blisters often occur on it. In such a situation, some people start extracting water by breaking it to get rid of the blister. However, this should not be done at all, because by doing so the risk of skin an infection increases and then the problem remains for a long time. So  rather of a bursting it, put a dressing on them.

4.Exposure to sunlight

After skin burns, direct exposure to a sunlight is the most harmful. This is because the harmful rays of the sun work to increase your an irritation further. Due to this, there is also a fear of boils on the skin. Therefore, it is better not to forget to a cover the affected area a before going out in the sun.

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