Can’t the car’s AC cool the cabin? Follow these tips, cooling will be cool

 It is very difficult to travel in a car without AC in summer. But, if your car’s AC doesn’t work properly, you don’t need to take it directly to a mechanic. Here are some tips to help you increase your car’s AC efficiency. You need to ventilate the car before starting the AC in the car. For this, before starting the car, slide down all the windows. This will remove the trap hit and also the AC will cool the car quickly.


Be aware of the location whenever you park the car outside. If your car is exposed to direct sunlight, it warms the car. It also affects the AC. Try to park it in a shady place so that the AC does not take long for the car to cool down.

The car’s AC condenser re-cools the refrigerant. For this, it exits the access hit by airflow. If the airflow path is blocked, its effect on cooling efficiency is also visible. This is why you should clean your car’s AC condenser regularly.

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Turn on the recirculation mode shortly after turning on the car’s AC. This mode is meant to be turned on when you feel cold air. With this mode, the AC uses only the air present in the car’s cabin without taking in hot air from outside. This will cool your car immediately.

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Apart from this you have to keep in mind that your AC is set at optimum level. Whenever you take your car for servicing, be sure to check its AC as well.

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