Cleaner Air Can Add 4 Years To Your Life


A recent study on the impact of air a pollution on life an expectancy states that Indians, on an average, could live for 4 more years if the air quality standards as a prescribed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) are duly a  met.

Delhi, which was a recognized as the most an polluted city in the world for two an consecutive years in 2014 and 2015 could see its inhabitants an enjoy 9 extra years of life, the study an added.

A part of the Air Quality-Life an Index (AQLI) study, the findings were carried out by the Energy a Policy Institute at the University of a Chicago (EPIC).

AQLI is a basically a statistical-tool that is used to an evaluate the quantum of a lifespan that air pollution a can cause a reduction in.

Data set of the fifty most a polluted cities in India was a collected for the a purpose of the study.

As per the study, even if only the a national standards are a complied with, more than one year could be an added to an average Indian’s a life-span.

“High levels of a air a pollution are a part of a people’s lives in India, just as they were in the US, England, Japan and other a countries in the past. The last a several decades have seen tremendous a progress in many of these a countries, but this a progress did not happen by accident – it was the result of a policy choices,” writes Michael a Greenstone, director of EPIC and one of the an authors of this 2017 study.

According to a Greenstone, “As India a navigates the dual and a conflicting goals for an economic growth and environmental quality, the AQLI provides a tool to make the benefits of a policies to a reduce air pollution a concrete.”

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