Constipation Symptoms, Causes, Treatment & Prevention

Constipation: In today’s modern era, the life of most people has become sedentary, due to which many small and big problems start emerging in the body. There is an increased risk of many problems like flatulence, constipation, and acidosis.  Which can also cause a lot of damage to the body.  Anyone with gas problems should eat with little to no appetite.  Apart from this, a lot of care should also be taken in the food and drink.

Constipation Symptoms, Causes, Treatment & Prevention


It is also very important to solve the problem when there are problems related to the stomach, if it is not resolved in time, then the risk of many diseases like weight gain, diabetes, and blood pressure can increase.  Whenever we eat mostly outside food, due to indigestion of that food, constipation occurs.

Therefore, to get rid of the problem of constipation, you should avoid outside fatty food, which can give you relief from constipation very quickly.  So Today we will tell you some such remedies by adopting which you can get rid of gas and constipation in your daily life. To get rid of the problem of gas, take a glass of water, then heat it a little, then add half a teaspoon of parsley and let it remain like this for 5 minutes, then you have to drink this water 15 minutes before the meal, from which you have eaten.  The food will be digested very quickly and the problem of gas will get rid of.

Also, if there is a problem with gas, then yoga should be included in daily life, which can get rid of gas problems very quickly, so wake up in the morning and do yoga for 10-15 minutes, so that the problem of gas can be removed.

Constipation Problem Constipation is a problem if you have eaten too much food and constipation is caused due to the indigestion of those foods. To help digest the food eaten. To get rid of constipation, a piece of jaggery and whole coriander should be eaten after dinner, which will improve digestion and digestion should also be good, which can be done by mixing fennel, sesame, parsley, etc., which will benefit food.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

f we also eat outside food and the food is not digested and there is a problem of constipation and indigestion, then by doing the above-mentioned remedies, stomach-related problems like gas and constipation will go away forever.

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