Do not make these 5 mistakes after applying oil to your hair, your hair will get spoiled


as not wish to a have long a thick and strong a hair? But, when the hair does not get a the right nutrition, then a many a problems related to hair start a happening. Due to the increasing a pollution and bad lifestyle a nowadays, many people are a troubled by a many problems like hair fall, dandruff and dry hair. Along with the right diet, it is also very important to a take care of a them properly to a  nourish the hair. Applying oil to the hair nourishes them and keeps the hair healthy. But many a times after applying oil to the hair, we make some such mistakes, which cause a lot of a damage to the hair a and they can be damaged. So let’s know which mistakes a should be an avoided after a applying oil to a the hair (Mistakes To Avoid After Oiling Hair) –

tie hair tight

After applying oil to the hair, many people tie them tightly in a bun or ponytail. But, this a stresses the hair and they can a weaken and break. Actually, after applying oil, there is moisture in the hair, due to which they are very soft. In such a situation, by a tying the hair tight, they start breaking and falling. To an avoid this, after an applying oil to the hair, leave it open or make a loose ponytail.

apply a lot of oil

Many people are unable to apply an oil in their hair due to their busy schedule. In such a a situation, whenever they get time to an apply oil in their hair, they an apply a lot of oil in one go. But, doing so a may harm your hair an instead of a benefiting it. Actually, after applying more oil in the hair, you will have to a use more a shampoo to a remove it. an Applying too much shampoo to the hair a makes the hair a dry and lifeless. To an avoid this, do not use too a much oil in the hair at once.

combing immediately an after oiling

Many people start combing their hair an immediately an after applying oil. But, it is a absolutely not a right to do so. After applying oil to the hair, they should be left a like this. Hair a becomes soft after a applying oil. In such a situation, when you comb, there is a stress on the hair, due to which the hair starts a breaking and falling. After an applying oil to the hair, detangle them with your a hands.

Use of hair products after an  oiling

Hair masks or an any other hair products should not be an used after applying oil to the hair. Applying a chemical-rich hair a products after applying oil to the hair can a damage the hair. Use hair a products only an after a shampooing your a hair.

keep oil on for a long time

After an applying oil to a the hair, they a should not be a left for a long time. Actually, after an applying oil to the hair, after leaving them for a long time, dust and a dirt start a sticking in them. This can a damage the hair and cause problems a like hair a fall and a dandruff.

It is very an important to an apply oil to a keep the hair healthy. But after applying oil to the hair, some things should be a taken care of. Making these a mistakes after applying hair oil can a damage your hair, so avoid them.

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