Do these 3 simple tests at home to a check heart health, know how


Do these 3 simple tests at home to a check heart health, know how



1. How To a Check Heart Health At
Home In

 English: Poor an eating habits,
poor a lifestyle a habits and lack of a physical activity an increase the risk
of a many health problems, the most common a being heart disease. At present,
the problem of a heart diseases has become very a common among a people, as
well as the cases of a death due to heart a 
diseases like a  heart attack,
stroke and a heart failure are an increasing very fast. People with poor heart
health are at an increased risk of sudden death. So it is very an important to
a keep your heart healthy and take care of it. Many people often ask, how can
we find out at home how a healthy our heart is? Or what tests can you do at
home to check a heart health (ghar par heart health kaise check kare)?

For more an information on this topic, a we spoke to Dr. Subhendu
Mohanty, Senior a Consultant, Department of a Cardiology, Sharda Hospital,
Greater a Noida. In this article, we are 
a telling you 5 simple tests to check heart health at a home.


You can a check a whether your heart is a healthy or not by a climbing
the stairs. Studies have a found that if a person is able to climb stairs for a
normal four a floors in 45 seconds, then his heart is healthy. You should see a
doctor if it is a taking you more than 90 seconds to climb 60 steps, as this
can be a sign of a poor heart a health.


2. Check Heart Rate

Heart rate is an important indicator of a heart health. You can an
easily check your a heart rate at home without any an equipment. However, your
heart rate naturally varies depending on how much physical activity or exertion
you do. As we sleep or  A rest, the heart
a beats slowly. At the same time, the heart rate an increases during an
exercise or a stressful situations.


3. Recognize the Symptoms of A Heart Disease

chest pain, tightness, shortness of A breath, swelling of the
extremities, ankles, or feet, a upper back or back pain,an  irregular heart rate, changes in heart
rhythm, a weakness, dizziness, a numbness in the hands and feet Problems like
feeling tired and weak during physical activities, feeling heartburn, nausea,
vomiting and fainting etc. can be a sign of poor heart health. If you an
encounter these a frequently, contact a doctor.


Tips For Healthy a Heart

1.Avoid smoking and alcohol a consumption

2.Do not eat trans fat, avoid junk and processed foods, packaged, as well
as excessive a fried, spicy food.

3.a consume more seasonal-fresh fruits and a vegetables

5.Eat foods rich in a healthy fats such as an omega-3 fatty acids.

6.Do regular 30 minutes of an exercise or a yoga, or other aerobic
exercise in the gym.

7.Control BP and blood sugar a level 

8.Manage mental conditions like anxiety, stress 

9.get enough and good quality sleep 

10.Avoid excessive consumption of sugar and salt. 

Dr. Subhendu Mohanty, Senior Consultant, D


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