Do these 5 exercises to remove dark circles under eyes


Exercise for dark a circles: Dark a circles an around the a beautiful eyes not only stain the beauty of the a face but also spoil the impression. Many times girls and boys resort to an expensive creams to remove these dark a circles. But even that a doesn’t matter. If even expensive a creams are not showing effect in a reducing the dark circles a visible on the face. So there is a need to bring a changes in your a routine because laptop, mobile mostly run for a long time.

Not getting an enough sleep leads to a dark circles an under the eyes. If you are tired of trying an everything to a get relief from dark circles, then in this article today we are a going to tell you about 5 exercises to a get relief from dark circles. By an adding these exercises to your a daily routine, you can get relief from a dark circles in a few days.

 Exercise to a remove a dark circles on face – exercise for dark circles in  

1. To get relief from dark a circles, move the iris of the eyes from right to left and top to a bottom. Rotating the pupils a reduces eye fatigue. Which can help in a reducing dark a circles.

2. If you have light dark circles an around your an eyes, then to get rid of it, make a point or target on the wall and a focus on it. Focusing on the target for at least 15 minutes a stretches the nerves of the eyes and gives relief from the problem of a dark circles.

3. Tratak exercise can be done to an enhance the beauty of the eyes and eliminate dark circles. To do a tratak, light an earthen lamp and stare at it. By staring at the lamp a continuously for 5 to 10 minutes, a concentration an increases and the problem of a dark a circles can be a relieved.

4. Massage aloe vera gel an around the eyes once a week. For this, take a few drops of aloe vera gel on the a fingers and massage it while moving it around the eyes. Note that you have to an exercise the eyes by making circles on both sides. If you want, you can massage around the eyes with aloe vera gel even before a sleeping at night. In a few days you will start seeing the a difference.

5. The problem of a dark circles around the eyes can also be relieved by a zooming in and out. This exercise an improves your a focusing power. Along with this, the muscles of the eyes are exercised and can get a relief from dark a circles.

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