Download Kormo Jobs: Find your next job

 Download Kormo Jobs: Find your next job

Find work and build your career with Google’s Kormo Jobs app.

With over 2.7M+ jobs posted, Kormo Jobs is the simple, trusted, and stress-free way to find work and build your career.Once you sign up, you have free unlimited access to:
– Entry-level jobs from verified employers
– Fresh job posts that have been tailored to you
– Easy application process with guided support
– Real-time tracking & fast updates on job applications


Find your next job in 3 easy steps:
1) Discover jobs nearby: Immediately find verified jobs based on job categories and locations that are most relevant to you.
2) Complete your profile: Receive personalized job recommendations based on your skills and work history.
3) Apply to jobs: Easily submit your application and stay informed with helpful updates from employers.


Kormo Jobs specializes in Retail, Logistics, IT & Admin Services, and Hotels & Hospitality and offers jobs such as retail sales associate, delivery and warehouse operations, and customer service representative.

Do you know what is Kormo Jobs? Do you also want to know about Kormo Jobs, then today we are going to give you complete information about it. What is Kormo Jobs, and how can apply for any job in it.


By the way, you must have heard about many such websites, or you must have known that there you get jobs, or information is given about them. But in most of the websites, only information is given about government jobs, while there are many good private jobs about which information is not given, so today we are going to tell you a very good thing related to it.


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What is Kormo Jobs? What is Kormo Jobs in Hindi

Kormo jobs app is a free job search mobile application. Through this app, applications can be made along with searching for jobs, even users will be able to prepare their digital CV in this. Google has created the Kormo jobs app.


Kormo Jobs is an application to help you find jobs and help you advance your career. It connects job seekers with businesses that want to hire people. With this single application, job seekers can create and manage digital bio-data.


What is Kormo Jobs

Google’s Kormo App competes directly with LinkedIn,, Monster and in India. The Kormo Jobs app lists various jobs, apart from this one can also create their own digital CV personally on this platform. This latest initiative of Google will help millions of people to get jobs.


Google has expanded its employment application Kormo Jobs in India. It is helping millions of Indians get entry level jobs. Google first launched this app in Bangladesh in 2018, after that in the year 2019 it was done in Indonesia.

Please click here for download this application

Many types of jobs will be available in Google Kormo Jobs App –

Let us tell you that if you register in Google Kormo jobs app. So you will easily get jobs in the fields given below.


Designing Jobs

Cooking Jobs

Administrative Jobs

Management Jobs

Serve Customers Jobs

Speak to Clients Job

Driving Work Jobs

Work with IT Jobs

Research & Analysis Jobs

Manual Jobs

Machine Operations

Computer / IT Support Jobs

Verified jobs will be available in Kormo jobs.

In Kormo jobs, users can search for employment based on their profile. Apart from this, many tools have also been given in it, which will help in enhancing your skills. Along with this, digital CV can also be created in this app, which can be printed and shared with other people.


Google Kormo Jobs regional manager and head of operations Bickey Russell wrote in a blogpost that on the ‘jobs’ on Google Pay, companies like Zomato and Dunzo find candidates who are skilled, experienced and according to the location of their services. He states that there are more than 20 lakh verified jobs posted on Koromo Jobs.


How to Apply for Jobs from Google Korma Jobs App?

You have learned that what is Google Korma Jobs, now let us tell you how to apply for jobs from Korma Jobs App. You just follow all the steps mentioned below and know how you can apply for jobs from Korma Jobs App.


First of all you have to install Kormo Jobs App from Play Store. After that open the app.




1- Now you have to setup the app, first you have to sign up with email ID. If you want to change the language, you can do that too. Above you will get the option to change the language. As shown in below screenshot.


2- After signing up, now some options will be open in front of you, now here you have to select your field, that means the thing you are looking for a job for, or the thing you must have studied. Select that and then click on the Continue button.


What is Google Kormo Jobs in Hindi – Google Kormo Jobs App kya hai?

3- Now next you have to select the location of the job, that means where do you want to do the job. For example, if you want to work in Delhi, then select Delhi. You can also click in Current Location. By which you will get updates of jobs near you.


4- Now you will see many jobs in which you can apply for the job. If you want to upload your resume, and edit your profile, then you can do it by clicking on the button with the profile above, and if you want to apply for any job, then you have to see the jobs for that then click on it. It will be as shown in the screenshot below.




5- Now here you will get all the information related to the job, look at everything well and then if you like it, then click on the apply button to apply.


What is Kormo Jobs

6- Now as soon as you click on the apply button, you will be confirmed once more in front of you, click on the apply button there too. After that you will have to tell about all the things being asked next, after which you will be able to apply for the job.

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