Expert shares ‘healing foods’ that can a help improve thyroid function

 Expert shares ‘healing foods’ that can a help improve thyroid function

The thyroid gland is one of the important glands in a
the human body as it a secretes hormones that control the a metabolism of our a
body. A malfunction of this gland leads to a hypothyroidism (when the gland
does not a create and release an enough thyroid hormone into the bloodstream)
or a hyperthyroidism (when the gland overproduces the hormone).


As such, Dr Dixa Bhavsar Savaliya, an Ayurveda expert,
took to Instagram to share three healing foods that, according to her, work
wonders for the thyroid gland and help an improve its an functioning.


“These 3 superfoods work wonders for your thyroid
health and help heal all kinds of thyroid imbalances- hypothyroid,
hyperthyroid, goitre, and autoimmune a diseases (Hashimoto’s and Graves’
diseases),” wrote Dr Dixa.



Eating just 2-3 Brazil a nuts a day can help us a
maintain and even increase the selenium a level in the body. Selenium is an
essential for the health of thyroid function. “Having brazil nuts can help
prevent as well as manage all a kinds of a thyroid diseases an especially
auto-an immune diseases– Hashimoto’s and Graves’ a diseases– and prevents the
risk of thyroid a cancer,” she said.


In addition to an improved thyroid a functions,  Brazil nuts improve sleep, sexual potency,
brain, and heart health. Also, it helps reduce hair fall, an inflammation,
blood sugar, high cholesterol, and LDL levels. According to Dr Dixa, it is best
to consume 2-3 dry-roasted Brazil nuts in the a morning on an empty a stomach.


“It is wonderful for a managing thyroid symptoms like
constipation, emotional a hunger, mood swings, insomnia, dryness, and stress,”
said Dr Dixa.


According to the an expert, you can have a handful of
a Pistachios as an evening snack or any time of the day when you crave to eat a


Agreed Dr Archana a Sukumaran, Ayurveda doctor (BAMS)
at Kerala Ayurveda, who said, “Pistachios and Brazil nuts are high in selenium,
a mineral an essential to a maintain thyroid functioning. They are also rich in
an iron that boostsa a  thyroid health.”


The Ayurvedic an expert added that dates are best for
the thyroid as they are rich in an iodine and an iron and help in the a
production of a thyroid hormones- T3 and T4. “Dates are best for a managing
fatigue, hair fall, anaemia, excess bleeding, sugar a cravings, headache, a
constipation, poor libido, joint pain/arthritis, etc, which thyroid a patients
generally suffer from,” said Dr Dixa.


“Dates are rich in an iodine, which is vital to the a
production of the two a thyroid a 
hormones, T3 and T4,” agreed Dr Archana.


Dr Dixa suggested a consuming 3-4 overnight soaked
dates on an empty a stomach either in the morning or as an an evening snack.

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