Fenugreek Will Cure More than 100 Diseases. Know the correct way to use

The use of green and dry fenugreek is beneficial for our health in daily life. So even in the kitchen dry fenugreek seeds are used as a spice. As fenugreek is bitter in taste, it is an antibiotic and purifies the blood. Fenugreek contains elements such as phosphate and vitamin D and iron ore. It is bitter because of the glycolytic in it.

Fenugreek Will Cure More than 100 Diseases

Fenugreek Will Cure More than 100 Diseases

It is also traditionally used to make fenugreek seeds, pickles, and vegetables.  In the winter season, lily fenugreek is used in puri, heparan, bhaji, thepla, bhajiya, etc.  One teaspoon of fenugreek is rich in carbohydrates, manganese, protein, and calorie wafers.  Its bitter taste increases its appetite and digestion. If used in excess it is bile enhancing but if used in moderation it is beneficial in fever, anorexia, weakness, Kamiya, frequent diarrhea, vomiting cough, etc.  Removes swollen and reddish sores on the inside.  Fenugreek vegetable is considered to be extremely beneficial and its seeds are also very beneficial.  It is like nectar for patients with cholesterol and diabetes.
Fenugreek and ginger powder against pain in diseases like sciatica taken with lukewarm water in the morning and evening relieves the pain.  People who do not have pain in the extremities can make Ladu by frying fenugreek flour in ghee and eating it once a day will cure the pain in the extremities.  People with gas problems do not get gas by swallowing 5 fenugreek seeds at night.
People with joint pain, soak fenugreek seeds at night and eat them in the morning to soothe the joints.  Swallowing fenugreek seeds with water relieves knee and bone pain.  People who have indigestion and constipation are relieved by swallowing fenugreek seeds with water.
Women who suffer from leucorrhoea after childbirth benefit from taking fenugreek and ghee jaggery.  A person with low blood pressure benefits from eating ginger and a person with high blood pressure benefits from swallowing fenugreek seeds with water.

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