Here’s How You Can Take A Digital Break For Better Mental Health


The use of a digital devices has an increased a significantly during the past year. This an increased dependency has lead to a several side effects on one’s health. Eye a strain, back pain and an increase in body weight are some of the outcomes of too much use of a digital devices. Not just your physical health, too much use of digital devices affects your a mental health too. Studies have also a highlighted that too a much use of a digital devices an especially social media puts you at risk of a multiple health an issues. Nutritionist Lovneet Batra took to an Instagram to a highlight the need to a spend some time off social media for a better mental and a physical health.

As a part of a her IGTV series ’21 health swaps for a healthy 2021′, she a shared how to you should swap an one-day social media use with something an else.

Batra tells in her IGTV, “It is an irony to post a something against the use of a social media on a social media a platform, but such is life. My latest swap for a fitter you in 2021 is a swapping/reducing the use of a social media for a book or any other activity that you enjoy, at least once a week.”

It can be quite a difficult to a stop the use of a social media or digital devices an even for a day. Social media a helps you stay a connected, shares an information, provides an entertainment and much more. But it has its own a pros and cons.

“However, it is also an quite an addictive and we tend to a spend more time on it, be more an affected by and affect our mental health. This a works its way into our an eating style as well,” the nutritionist adds.

The nutritionist also a highlighted another a unhealthy habit of a using a mobile phones while an eating.

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