How to fill SBI KYC form online | SBI Bank KYC Form कैसे भरे?

Hello friends, our topic of today is how to fill up the KYC form SBI bank online & Offline 2021? That is, if your bank account is in the State Bank of India, then you must know that it is very important to do KYC in any bank in India & if you do not want your account to be blocked, then SBI KYC Form has to be applied for it and here we have some In simple steps, how can you do KYC?

how to fill up the KYC form SBI bank online & Offline 2021

Whether the bank is digital or regular, you have to submit some important documents everywhere and this medium is called KYC in today’s time. But there are still many people who do not know what KYC is? And what is its full form? So let’s first know a little about it and then we will know how to fill up the KYC form SBI bank online & Offline 2021?

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The full form of the KYC is like ‘Know Your Customer’.

What is a KYC?

What is a KYC? We explain this to you by giving one simple example (or experience) as if we go to JOB INTERVIEW in any random company, then we are not selected for this Job without our knowledge there, the interviewer (interviewee) asks us some questions.

  • What is your name?
  • What is your date of birth?
  • what’s your father’s name?

Which includes our Qualifications, Work Experience, and Personal Details.

The process of KYC is also somewhat similar. Not only do we need our qualifications & work experience here, we just have to give our personal information & BANK-related details here. KYC is compulsory for us to open a new or existing account in BANK or to resume our suspended account.

Today, filling out the KYC FORM has been made mandatory in almost all banks. If a customer opens an account in a private or government bank, then they have to verify their gathering documents within a certain time, otherwise, the account becomes a temporary block.

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How to fill KYC form in SBI Account?

At this time, we can collect our documents offline or take them to the bank branch office and fill the form and verify the documents or fill the KYC form from a smartphone or laptop at home and apply for verification.

Like other forms, it is an official white-colored form, in which we have to fill the all details provided in small square boxes. We can also fill it online or offline. What information do I have to provide? Let’s know in detail

  • Passport Size Photo: – Require to fix one passport size photo on the top right-hand side of the form.
  • Branch (Branch): – We have to write about which area/place our bank is in it. Example: If someone’s bank is in Andheri, Mumbai then his branch is dark.
  • CIF No.: – Its full form of CIF here is the Customer Information File. It is written on the passbook of our bank.
  • Account No (Account Number): – In this, we have to write our bank account number.
  • Name (Name): – In this, we have to write our full name.
  • Date of Birth: – In this, we have to add our date of birth, with the month & year.
  • Residential Status: – Here we are given some synonyms, on which we have to tick mark, such as Non-Resident Individual, Foreign National, Resident Individual, etc. If your place of residence means that you live in India, then you have to tick a mark on Resident Individual.
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“How to fill KYC offline form in SBI”

  • Occupation Type (Occupation): – In this, you have to choose the option in the field in which you do business or a job. Such as the public sector, self-employed, private sector, student, etc. Out of these all options, you have to select one option as per your availability.
  • Annual Income (Annual Income / Earnings): – In this, we have to write our annual income i.e. annual earnings.
  • PAN No. (PAN card number): – In this, we have to write our PAN number.
  • Document No. : – here you have to leave blank this column or option.
  • Aadhaar No. (Aadhaar Card Number): – In this, we have to write our Aadhar Card Number.
  • Current / Local Address (Local Address): – Here we have to write in detail the address of the place where we live. Here we have to write detail about the pin code, village/city, district (district), & state (state) in addition to the current or home address.
  • Contact Details: – In this, we have to write our telephone or mobile number.
  • Email Id: – If you have an Email Id, you can write in it. (This is not mandatory, you can also leave it empty)
  • Date (Date): – Write the date on which you want to submit the KYC FORM.
  • Signature (Signature): – Here we have to sign ours.

How to fill up KYC form SBI online

If you want to do online KYC verification then follow the guide mentioned here and get your verification done at home and keep one thing in mind, before submitting the form, please check once.

Step-1. First of all, Go to the official website & click on login.

Go to the

Step-2. Now login with your net banking ID.

login with your net banking ID

Step-3. After login, you go to the menu option of the website and click on eServices.

menu option of the website and click on eServices

Step-4. there you will get some options, but you have to click on the PAN registration option.

click on the PAN registration option

Step-5. Now you have to enter your profile password once again & then click on Submit button.

SBI enter your profile password

Step-6. Here you have to create a request for PAN registration & click on the “Click Here to Register” Option.

request for PAN registration - how to fill up the KYC form SBI bank online & Offline 2021

Step-7. Here you have to enter your PAN number & then click on submit.

enter your PAN number

Step-8. Now once you check if all the details are correct then click on confirm button.

how to fill up the KYC form SBI bank online & Offline 2021

Step-9. Now you have to verify OTP in the last step, then your detail will be successfully submitted.

how to fill up the KYC form SBI bank online & Offline 2021

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Hi Friends, I hope now you understand how to fill up the KYC form SBI bank online & Offline 2021? in this way you can complete your SBI bank KYC process from home. But if your mobile number is not registered with the bank account, it does not have a net banking account, then you will have to go to the bank and get the details verified there. Please tell in the comment about how you liked this post.

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