How to Lock Aadhaar Card by SMS | SMS भेजकर लॉक करें अपना आधार कार्ड

How to Lock and Unlock Aadhaar Card Data Online by SMS: Aadhaar Card is one of the important documents. It is used from opening a bank account to purchasing a SIM card. This document contains important information such as fingerprints. In such a situation, if the Aadhar card goes into the wrong hands, then the risk of leaking private data increases. To eliminate this problem, UIDAI has provided a special facility, through which you can lock the Aadhaar card.

How to Lock and Unlock Aadhaar Card Data Online by SMS

This is how to lock Aadhaar card

To lock Aadhaar card send an SMS to 1947 by writing GETOTP from your phone
Now you will have OTP, send LOCKUID Aadhaar number and send it again to 1947
By doing so, your Aadhaar number will be locked.
Once the Aadhaar card is locked, no one will be able to use it without your permission. Hackers will also not be able to do Aadhaar verification. With this facility, your Aadhaar card will be protected.

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This is how to unlock Aadhaar card

To unlock Aadhaar card, write GETOTP Aadhaar number from your phone to 1947
After the OTP arrives, write it with the UNLOCKUID Aadhaar number and send it again to the 1947 number.
By doing so your Aadhar card will be unlocked.
Important information related to Aadhar card

If you are making your child’s Aadhaar card, then every information in the registration should be correct. UIDAI, the organization that issued the Aadhaar Card, has tweeted that the data of your child’s Aadhaar is correct, ensure it. Check the spelling of the details recorded in English and the local language carefully. You can check it again in the acceptance slip. Only when fully satisfied, sign an acknowledgment slip.

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Along with this, the information related to the date of birth is correctly filled in the Aadhaar card, also check it before submitting the form. This is because it can be repaired only once. This advice of UIDAI also applies to the adult person. This means that at the time of registration, ensure that the operator enters the correct information. However, after all the precautions, the details entered in the Aadhaar card are missed, then you can correct most of the details sitting at home for How to Lock and Unlock Aadhaar Card Data Online by SMS.

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