How To Make Best Video Status For WhatsApp

 How to create the best video status for WhatsApp: Let you save WhatsApp video status and image status. Many of your WhatsApp friends have set nice statuses but WhatsApp does not offer any function to save or download WhatsApp statuses. But WFVS app allows you to save WhatsApp status.

WFVS Best App for WhatsApp Video Status

The WFVS app is the best status saver app. Now you can simply download WhatsApp status and share with all your social media or set as your WhatsApp status, this app user interface is very user friendly. The best part of the app is that you can also share other WhatsApp statuses directly without the download status. And you can save the status on your device and view it in your device gallery.

4 કિ.મી લાંબી તિરંગા યાત્રા નો વિડિયો અહીંથી જુઓ

How WFVS works

This app gives you another amazing work that is split long video in 30-30 second video part. Now you can easily set long WhatsApp status on your account. The WFVS app helps you split the video into 30 30 second segments and set all the segments in WhatsApp status. The user has two different options for video split.

4 કિ.મી લાંબી તિરંગા યાત્રા નો વિડિયો અહીંથી જુઓ

(A) Auto Split: Set automatic split video and WhatsApp status sequentially in 30 seconds. (Note: Video part sequence upload is based on WhatsApp)

(B) Manual Split: Set the timer for video split and upload all parts manually to WhatsApp status after split. (Recommended: for best video sequences and video splitter for other social media site)

Download Application

Now you can do 2 things in the WFVS Video Status app

1) Divide the video into 30 seconds.

2) WhatsApp Status Downloader / Status Saver 2021.

Friends, after a lot of research and tireless efforts, this app has been created for you. So I hope you and your friends will use this app and make the WhatsApp experience more exciting.

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