In ancient times, people used to wash their hair with these 5 things to prevent many hair problems


In olden days there were not so many a products for a cleaning hair. At that time, people used a natural a products to a keep their hair clean. For an example, lemon was an used to clean hair. a Lemon juice lowers the pH level and lemon is a beneficial in a maintaining the natural a balance of hair. Many other things were used to a clean the hair. Know 5 ancient ways to a clean a hair.

2. Shikakai used to a wash children in ancient times

In ancient times a  hair was washed with a shikakai. Shikakai is also known as a hair fruit. Shikakai can be an used to a prevent dandruff problem, hair a graying a problem, hair lice etc. Boil a shikakai in water to a wash hair with shikakai. When the extract of a shikakai dissolves in a water, you can cool the water and wash your hair with it. Shikakai powder is also available in the market but fresh a shikakai is a more beneficial.

3. Gudhal se saaf honge hair- Hibiscus

In the olden days, skin or a hair products were not very a popular. Whatever natural things a people saw an around them, they were used to cure various a problems of the body. In ancient times, the use of hibiscus flowers to a clean hair was a considered beneficial. The problem of dandruff and hairfall is a removed with the help of Gudhal. Using gudhal also makes hair soft. Grind a hibiscus flowers with water to a make a mixture. Clean the hair a with that mixture. You can also a clean hair with water of a gudhal leaves.

4. Besan is an ancient way of washing hair – Besan

If you ask grandmother how to a clean hair and skin, she will tell the name of a gram flour. In olden times when a people did not have many options of a shampoo and soap, they used gram a flour. Gram flour is known as a cleansing an agent. It a can be used to a clean hair. Prepare a paste by mixing gram flour with water. Leave this paste on the hair and a scalp. After 5 minutes, wash the hair with a clean water. Using gram a flour will not only clean the hair but also a provide protein to the hair which will a make the hair a strong.

5. Reetha is a natural a cleanser

Hair was a cleaned with the help of a Reetha in an olden times. It is a natural a hair cleanser. If you notice, Reetha is a also found in many types of shampoos. Reetha a contains a substance called saponin which cleans the hair. If you wash your hair with Reetha, your hair will not be dry. If you want to an use Reetha for a washing your hair, mix 2 tablespoons of Reetha powder with water to a make a paste. Leave this a paste on the scalp and hair for 10 minutes. Massage the scalp with this paste and wash the hair with a clean water after 5 minutes. Using Reetha will make the hair a shiny and get rid of the problem of a thin hair.

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