India’s cheapest electric car to be launched soon, also looks cute, know the price and features

Considering selling a car at a reasonable price. The car is codenamed MG E230.

The cheapest electric car in the country will be launched soon

The size of this car will be the same as Maruti Alto

Indian consumers will also love this special car

Electric currency is the fastest growing currency in the country

Electric cars are fast gaining ground in India. Due to the way petrol-diesel prices are skyrocketing, people’s attention has turned to electric cars. In the midst of all this, the well-known company MG Motor India is also eyeing to launch the cheapest electric car in the country. MG’s MG ZS EV electric car is currently in the market and is expected to launch a much cheaper car, according to media reports. The car is codenamed MG E230.

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Two doors and four seats

MG’s new electric car is quite small in size and comes with two doors and can seat 4 people. The company is expected to launch the car by next year. This EV is 2197 mm long, 1493 mm wide and 1621 mm high. The wheelbase of the car is 1940 mm. Is. Overall the size of this car will be the same as Maruti Alto. This car is very popular in the Chinese market. For the same reason, Indian consumers will love this special car and will be able to afford it.

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Comes with amazing features

The new electric car will have EBD with ABS, rear parking sensor and double airbags on the front. Apart from this the car connected technique will also be seen in this model. This model will come with a 20 kWh battery. So as to give a range of 150 kilometers in a single charge. According to an estimate, the price of this car will be less than 10 lakh which will be in the budget of the consumers. At this price, it will become the cheapest model in India. Today’s cheapest electric car Tata Tigor which is priced at Rs 11.99 lakh in the market ex-showroom.

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