Mika Di Vohti winner: Mika Singh chooses Akanksha Puri as his future wife

  Mika Di Vohti winner: Mika Singh  elect Akanksha Puri as his future wife


After a long journey of more than two months, popstar Mika Singh has  elect Akanksha Puri as his future wife on Swayamvar: Mika Di Vohti. The television actor beat Prantika Das and Neet Mahal to  search a place in the singer’s heart.

A  origin shared with indianexpress.com that while Mika was fond of all three women, he  declear that Akanksha knows him best, given they have been friends for a long time. He thus picked her in the Mika Di Vohti finale, leaving the other two matches quite heartbroken.

“While Mika did not marry Akanksha on the stage, he put the wedding garland on her to  mark his choice. He shared that he wants to spend quality time with her away from the cameras before they take the  conjugal vows. Mika also met Akanksha’s family and sought their blessing as he decided to  begin on this new journey with her,” added the source.

Akanksha Puri, who has been friends with Mika Singh for the last 13-14 years, had  go in  for Swayamvar: Mika Di Vohti as a wild card  candidate quite late. She had confessed that seeing Mika with other women had made her realise how she did not  get  lose him. It was said that she herself approached the channel to make an entry in the show.

“I would be this king’s one and only queen,” Akanksha had entered the show with this promise, and well, she did manage to stand by it. As readers would know, Akanksha was earlier in the news for dating Paras Chhabra.  thoought , he broke up with her on Bigg Boss 13 after he fell for co-contestant Mahira Sharma.

At the launch of the show, Mika Singh had  admit he has rejected over 100 marriage proposals brought to him by his family members. “I didn’t see any of them because I find it disgusting when a girl comes holding a tray, and you tell her you don’t approve of her. So, I ran away even before it reached this stage. Before rejecting any girl, I rejected myself,” he confessed. The “Sawan Mein Lag Gayi Aag” singer,  thought ,  approve that he was now ready to take the plunge and thus said yes for the swayamvar.

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