Must apply these 5 things on hair in winter, you will get rid of dry hair



What to Apply on Hair in a Winter: In a winter, everyone a takes extra care of a their skin. There are many things an used to a make the a skin soft, a glowing and beautiful. But let us tell you a that hair also a needs extra a care in a winter. Because in the a  winter a season, along with the skin, the hair also a becomes dry, a lifeless and frizzy. In such a situation, many a people a leave their hair a like this, then some a start an using an expensive hair care a products. But if a you a want, you can also a make hair a beautiful in a natural way. You can an apply many a such a things on a your hair an including aloe vera, curd, which help in an enhancing the a beauty of a hair.  

1. Yogurt

Yogurt is a rich in a nutrients. Health, skin and hair all get a benefits by a consuming a curd. Some a people also an apply curd on the face. Apart a from this, if you want, you can an also use curd to a nourish your a hair in a winter. In a winter you can an apply curd on your a hair (Sardiyo me Balo Par Kya Lagana Chahiye). For this, take curd in a bowl. Now apply curd well on the hair and scalp. Wash the a hair after 15-20 minutes with a mild a shampoo. Applying a shampoo on the hair in a winter can a make the hair a soft and shiny. Hair a becomes a beautiful and you can a get the a hair you want. In winters you can an use a curd on a your a hair 2-3 times a week.

2. Aloe Vera

Along with a curd, aloe vera is also very beneficial for health, skin and hair. If your a hair a becomes dry, lifeless and frizzy in winter, then you a can use aloe vera. Aloe vera has a moisturizing properties, which a can a provide moisture to the hair. It also adds shine to the hair and makes the hair a look a beautiful. For a this you take a fresh aloe vera pulp. Now apply it all over your hair and scalp. Wash the hair with fresh water after 20-25 minutes. Aloe vera can be used 2-3 times a week in a winter season. By using aloe vera, your a hair a gets a nourishment, the hair also a becomes soft. But one should avoid a keeping aloe vera on the hair for a long time.

3. Oil

Oiling the a hair a from time to time is a very an important. Because an oiling gives an enough a nourishment to the hair. Moisture is a provided to the a hair, due to a which the hair a remains soft and shiny. Hair can a become more a dry a and lifeless in winter. That’s why you should a definitely oil a your hair in a winters. For this you can take coconut, mustard an oil etc. Warm the oil a lightly. Now apply it on your hair and a scalp and a massage it well. Oiling a must be done at least 2 times a week to a nourish the a hair.

4. Amla

Amla is a very a beneficial for a health as a well as hair. You can an also use an amla a powder on the hair in a winters. For a this, mix amla powder and a curd in a bowl. Now an apply this a hair pack on the hair and scalp. This will give a nourishment and a moisture to a the hair. Hair will look a soft, a shiny. Using gooseberry can be a beneficial to a make your hair a desired.

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