Open Doors from Truecaller

Open Doors is a casual voice-chat app that allows you to instantly join public group chats, meet interesting people & make new friends!

Open Doors from Truecaller

⚡ Instant Join

No need to create rooms and wait for people to join. Instantly get talking by jumping onto rooms already created, available, and full of people.

No topics, Just Chill & Talk Freely

Leave topics to school meetups and agendas to office meetings. Open Doors is all about casual chats with just chillin’ vibes!

Meet New People

Bump into interesting people in every separate room on Open Doors. Why talk to the same people every day? Make some new connections!

Meet people from different Countries!

Take your socialization to the next level – by meeting people from various countries in Global Rooms. Learn about culture, food, living style, jobs etc.

Community Moderation

You have all the control required to moderate people who spoil the fun. Mute them, report them, block them. Everyone is a moderator on Open Doors!

Join the Open Doors community today and unlock new possibilities for friendship and connection.

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