Shock to central employees! No change in fitment factor!

 This is important news for central employees. The good news, on the one hand, is that inflationary pressures are on the rise. But on the other hand at the present stage employees will be disappointed with the fitment factor. That means the government is still not considering the fitment factor.

The fitment factor will not change

Based on the data, the government may increase the inflation allowance by 3%. But no decision will be made on the long-standing demand to increase the fitment factor. This means that the fitment factor is not expected to increase even in the year 2022. Special information has come to light that the government is not in favor of increasing the fitment factor at present. The gap between Kovid and the government’s revenue from inflation will not be able to increase this additional financial burden at present.

Long-term demand

In fact, central and state government employees have long demanded that their fitment factor be increased from 2.57 per cent to 3.68 per cent. Employees, on the other hand, expected an increase in the fitment factor in March pay. But now the employees on this front are disappointed.

How much will the salary increase?

If the fitment factor (central government employee fitment factor) increases, there will be a bumper increase in the salaries of the employees. With the increase in the fitment factor, the minimum wage will also increase. At present, employees are paid 2.57 per cent on the basis of fitment factor. It is now being considered for an increase of 3.68 per cent. If this happens then the minimum salary of the employees will be increased by Rs 8,000. This means that the Rs 18000 received till now will increase to Rs 26000

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

Per capita income

Emphasis on increasing the fitment factor 3 times

The government wants to implement the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission, but is not in favor of raising the minimum wage under the 7th CPC. The government will not consider a 3-fold increase in the fitment factor at present. With the increase in fitment factor, the basic salary of the employees will increase from Rs 18000 to Rs 21000. He was also reassured at a staff union meeting with the cabinet secretary.

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