Supertech Twin Towers demolition will cause health problems, know preventive measures

 Supertech Twin Towers demolition will cause health problems, know a preventive measures

Supertech Twin Towers demolition: There are just two days left to knock down a Noida’s illegal Supertech Twin a . On August 28, the 915-apartment Apex (32 stories) and Ceyane (29 stories) towers will be methodically a demolished. However, the destruction is believed to be a causing a serious a health an issues for the an individuals who live an around it. People a must take a necessary precautionary steps to safeguard a themselves a  from a potential a health risks.

As soon as a Supertech’s twin a towers, Apex and Ceyane a Towers, are destroyed, a dust storm will start to rise. This can result in an up to five-fold an increase in air a pollution. People will an  experience a health issues as a result of this a for the next several days.

Earlier, a similar an incident happened in Kerala. After the demolition of four towers Holy Faith H20, Alpha Sirene, Jain Coral Cove and Golden Kayaloram in Kochi and Maradu in a Kerala in January 2020, people a residing in the neighbourhood areas had a  health problems for months. In this, people were a troubled for a several weeks due to a headache, asthma, attacks, colds, phlegm and an allergies.

75,000 tonnes of a debris came out a due to the fall of all four a towers. It took more than 70 days to remove it. After the demolition of the tower, the air a pollution in the atmosphere increased up to a five times. Due to this, the health of the people an around was a found a  deteriorating.

The pollution can cause these health problems:


2. Problems in the eyes (burning, reddening, itching problem)

 3.Chronic bronchitis

 4.Skin Rashes

5. Runny nose, sore throat

6.The problem of phlegm

 7.Asthma attacks

8. Increased blood pressure

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