Useful information for back and stomach pain

Sudden onset of simple back pain affects about 1 in 100 people at some stage of their lives In developed countries, the family doctor is the most frequent patient and the second most common back pain patient in Britain is 2.2 million people with back pain every year. visits to the doctor for pain resulting in 4,65,00,000 lost working days and 200 million pounds of lost production annually in our country No such studies have been done but the number of back patients in our country is not small.

fortunately, in most patients, sudden onset back pain resolves within a few days, and in most patients, there is no major back disease responsible for the pain. So some people have frequent pain and some people have permanent pain.

Useful information for back and stomach pain

What causes back pain?

The abdominal spine contains 34 vertebrae 139 and many muscles and ligaments, ligaments and tendons, and back pain can start in any of these structures. A fourth of the total length of the spine is the cushion between the two vertebrae, while the rest is the lumbar spine. The part does the main job of bearing the weight of the body. 

Between these two bulks, there is a cushion that acts like a buffer or a spring between the two balls and absorbs shock. If there is no cushion between the two beads, the shock of the feet falling on the ground at every step will shake the whole body and head, and the cushion is also useful in keeping the spinal cords passing through the spinal column and the nerves safe. The cushion is the thickest in the neck and waist areas because these two parts of the spine have the most movement in youthThe cushion is more elastic and with age its cultivation stability and consequently efficiency also decreases.

Of all the cushions of the spine, the lumbar cushions are the strongest and can withstand about 1000 kilograms of direct pressure, usually about a fourth of the pressure exerted on the lumbar cushions when a person is standing upright. Upright and one-and-a-half times the pressure is felt when sitting in a chair. Squatting and bending forward to lift something doubles this pressure. Like a cart, the muscles between the balls also experience different amounts of tension in different physical cultivations. Bending from the waist weights. Lifting puts a lot of stress on the muscles and cushions according to the theory of elevation.

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