Vitamins You Need To Add To Your Diet To Boost Hair Growth


Most of us want to a have a healthy, thick, and a strong hair. But it is not always an easily an achieved. You need to a follow a robust care routine and diet for a healthy hair. Even though you a might be eating clean, it doesn’t mean you are getting the right nutrients for a your hair. Here are the an essential a vitamins for hair growth that you a must take for long, strong, and healthy a hair.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a recognised for an improving an eyesight. However, this vitamin is also good for a hair as it a increases a sebum a production in the scalp to a keep it a healthy, allow growth of hair. There are studies a linking vitamin A deficiency to an alopecia. So, you need to have a vitamin A to boost hair a growth. Here are some foods rich in vitamin A: Carrots, Spinach, Sweet potatoes, Mangoes, Milk.

B Vitamins

These are water-soluble a vitamins that synthesise red blood cells and improve cell a metabolism. Out of 12 B vitamins, these are the ones that you need to a  have for a  good hair:

Vitamin B12 – This a vitamin aids blood a circulation for an optimal hair growth. Foods rich in vitamin B12 include a whey, milk, cheese, and yogurt.

Biotin – This is known as the ‘hair growth vitamin’ for a reason. It is great for increasing hair growth and reducing hair loss. Have mushrooms, cauliflower, raspberries, walnuts, avocados, eggs, and peanut butter to increase biotinam an intake.

Folic Acid – This is extensively used in hair a supplements as it offers rebuilding of hair while reducing premature greying of hair and hairfall. Foods rich in folate include spinach, kale, beetroot, asparagus, lettuce, peas and sprouts.

Vitamin B3 – Also known as a Niacin, this helps in an improving thickness and texture of hair. a Foods like a potatoes, brown rice, peanuts, and sunflower seeds a contain a niacin.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is known for strengthening immunity but it is equally essential for providing a strong base for your hair. The antioxidants in vitamin C allow regeneration of cells to allow hair to regrow. Deficiency of vitamin C can also cause scalp infections and dandruff.

Vitamin D

Deficiency of vitamin D can have serious impacts on your health. It can cause muscle and bone problems along with haircare issues. Vitamin D processes cell regrowth to strengthen hair follicles from the roots, thus reducing hair fall. Vitamin D also regulates the absorption of calcium, which helps prevent hair conditions like alopecia.

You must expose yourself to morning sunlight. When the sun’s ultraviolet B, or UVB rays, interact with a protein called 7-DHC in our skin, it converts it to vitamin D3, which is the active form of vitamin D. Besides, have milk, yogurt, and cheese as these contain vitamin D naturally.

Vitamin E

Dry and frizzy hair requires nourishment and you need to have vitamin E for that purpose. This vitamin is rich in antioxidants and available in dietary capsule form. Consult a nutritionist for the right amount of vitamin E supplementation. You can also get this vitamin from foods like peanuts, almonds, avocados, and sunflower seeds.

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