Who Owns iPhone Company? iPhone का मालिक कौन है?

Who Owns iPhone Company Phones Trademark Patents Now: Apple inc is a name that everyone in the world knows. If you are thinking about eating apples then you stop. We are not talking about Apple eating here, but about the brand “Apple” of iPhone.

Apple is a company whose products are used worldwide. Not only this, this company comes 2nd in the list of the top biggest companies in the all over world. Be it mobile or laptop or Macbook, the product of this brand is popular all over the world.

Who Owns iPhone Company?

There will hardly be any country in the world where the products of the Apple brand are not used. Apart from being popular, the products of this brand are also very expensive. Talking about technology, this company is also counted among the best companies in the world in terms of technology.

In such a situation, if you want to get more information about this brand, then you should definitely read this post of ours, in this post today we are going to talk about what kind of company is the iPhone? Who owns the iPhone? Who created the iPhone company? Which country is the iPhone company from? You will get the answer to all such questions in this post Who Owns iPhone Company?.

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What is iPhone?

The iPhone is a smartphone made by the Apple company that connects a computer, iPod, digital camera, and cellular phone to a single device with a touch screen interface. The iPhone manages & runs the iOS operating system of the iPhone.

That’s it, let’s talk about the Who Owns iPhone Company Phones Trademark Patents Now, now know what Apple is?

Apple Inc. What is it?

Apple is a big technology company that makes gadgets like android and iOS applications, MacBook, Laptop, Computer, and Windows phone. Are known.

The technical skills and Knowledge of the Apple iPhone company are very good in the case of the other company. These companies use their technical skills to control operating system management.

When and by whom was the iPhone company “Apple” founded?

The company was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne on April 1, 1976, Steve Jobs had contributed significantly to the founding of the Apple company, which led him to be the company’s chief executive.

It was Steve Jobs who first laid the foundation of the Apple company, with his hard work and dedication, he brought Apple products to heights. Steve Jobs believed in the quantity of the product more than the quantity of the product.

That is why Steve Jobs focused on the quality of Apple products rather than on quantity. Whether it is to make a MacBook or to maintain the standard of USB and iPod, Steve Jobs is behind all these things “Who Owns iPhone Company?”.

Due to which products of Apple company are famous in the world for their quality and this is the reason that Apple is more expensive than the products of other company.

But the unfortunate thing is that today Steve Jobs owns the iPhone company is not among us in this world.

he died on 5 October 2011 due to pancreatic cancer.

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Who owns the iPhone company?

Apple’s owner is “Steve Jobs”, after his death, the entire job of the company took over by the new owns Team Cook.

Talking about the present time, Tim Cook is working on the position of CEO of Apple company as well as he is the Who Owns iPhone Company?.

because, on the basis of the US securities and exchange commission (ASC), Tim is the biggest shareholder of Apple. Are one of them.

How did the Apple company get started?

Apple company was started in the year 1976. Before making Android, iOS, MacBook, Laptop, Computer, and Windows, this company launched many products related to technology, which is known to very few people.

In the 1990s, this company suffered heavy losses. At that time, Apple company experimented on many useless products. Apple QuickTech digital camera, Apple PowerCD portable CD audio player, Apple design powered speaker, Apple Bandai Pippin video game console, World Online. They have only wasted their time by experimenting on projects like service and Apple interactive television.

Even after facing defeat, Steve Jobs did not stop, in 2007, Steve Jobs made his first step into the smartphone arena, a time when there were already many smartphone makers in the market. But Apple had surpassed all other smartphones by introducing its iPhone.

And today are those times when Apple is not only in the mobile world but also in front of other products such as laptops, MacBooks, iPods, today Apple’s iPhones are ruling the hearts of people “Who Owns iPhone Company?”.

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Which country is the Apple company from?

Apple is a US country company. The foundation of the Apple company was laid by Steve Jobs and Steve Jobs is a resident of America, as well as he started this company in the US, so it can be assumed that Apple is a US country company but the headquarter of this company is Cupertino, Are in California.

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