Why Hit Water Is Best Way To drink Erly Morning

In Ayurveda, it is suggested to drink water on an empty stomach in the morning. The water that is drunk before eating or drinking anything in the morning is called Ushapan. Usually water is drunk only when you feel thirsty. 
But even if you don’t feel thirsty on an empty stomach in the morning, drinking water is good for your health. Even if you drink water before going to bed at night, drinking water after a period of seven to eight hours is beneficial.

During sleep the metabolic rate, the speed of breathing, the process of sweating decreases. This reduces the excretion of water from the body through exhalation or sweating. In addition to this, there is an extra time for cough in the body, so the mouth, tongue, and throat are covered with phlegm and you do not feel thirsty. But drinking water benefits the biochemical action that begins with the start of the day.

What kind of water to drink? Cold or hot?

On hot days and in hot regions they can drink more plain water without thirst but there are also special benefits of drinking slightly warmer hot water.

Warm warm water

Drinking warm water removes phlegm from the mouth. Cough in the throat is also removed. Cuffs come off easily. Taste of the tongue, secretion of saliva from the glands in the throat, etc. is improved. Drinking hot water speeds up the digestion in the stomach due to improper digestion of the accumulated raw material. Even if the apakva is falling in the stomach, if something is eaten or drunk again, when this happens, again and again, the apakav is spread on the inner skin of the stomach. Which causes digestive diseases like indigestion, acidity, anorexia. This causes bad breath that accumulates in the stomach and causes bad breath. If such a problem occurs frequently, living in a cold region, suffering from cough or flatulence, they benefit from drinking warm water on an empty stomach in the morning. They should drink lukewarm hot water in the morning if they do not feel hungry, have poor digestion, and feel that the food eaten the next day is not digested properly.

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