You should watch this video if you keep the phone charged all night

Many people fall asleep after charging the phone at night and keep charging until they wake up early in the morning.  Here is some fun information for all the friends whether you really fall asleep while charging the phone at night.  Or the battery will be damaged.  If you can’t explain in an instant, if nothing else, a quick slip of a slow explanation makes no sense.  We should not take such small things lightly. 
If we think and act a little more seriously, we should see, read and understand the great information given here and then watch the whole video and work by understanding our small things.  Life.  Many of you will have seen many such events in and around our family.  A lot of people don’t bother to put down the phone 4j and look at it so what to do now
 We often forget to charge and turn off the phone.  We don’t really remember and the phone keeps charging, so we don’t have any bad habits at that time but forgetting at that time hurts us and we also know that it is necessary to keep the phone in charge.  If you forget, you are in real danger.  
You should make it a habit to charge the phone at night if you sit down to eat.  It will be most useful to remember the alarm after charging the phone or to put the phone in charging and use it on the alarm bell before charging the phone.  There is no danger of the phone being charged.  
You should watch the video given here and if it is implemented you can join our project research WhatsApp group to get such useful information.  Friends can still be requested to join as many as three WhatsApp groups.  Important information about phone battery and phone holding time has been posted.

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